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More Than a Prostitute or Game Advancer

Last week we discussed women in video games, and this topic really stuck with me. In games and outside of games, women are often treated as less than equal. In games, women are used as tools to advance the main character’s story (the main character usually being a man). They are periphery characters that add almost zero meaning to the overall story of the game. Instead, they act as prizes to be won, bodies to be abused or thrown about, or sex objects. As a girl playing these games, how is that supposed to make me feel? There are hardly any games that feature a female protagonist and a strong one at that. So instead, women are forced to games that advertise women as a weaker and irrelevant sex.

Outside of the games, women are also looked down upon in the gaming world. I will say that the female gamer is gaining a lot of respect now a days, but this was not always the case. I have heard numerous stories of men saying demeaning things to women as they buy games, play games, or attend events where games are displayed. Men think that women are somehow lost when they wander into a game store or gaming event such as E3. Again this practice of women being periphery characters is seen even in the real world. I often hide the fact that I play video games because I do not wish to reap the consequences such as “Oh you must play Sims” or “You play games so guys think you’re cool right?” which are statements that I have heard on many instances.

The Feminist Frequency channel on Youtube really got me riled up about women in video games so I definitely want to pursue this as my final paper topic. Also I found this video on Buzzfeed that I thought many people would enjoy.


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  1. The video reminds me that representations of people with disabilities is another area in which videogames totally fail. I wonder if it’s because videogames are so often about “powering up” such that even “normal” abled bodies are seen as weak.

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