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The Garden of Eden

After reading the next volume of Frankenstein, I began to think of the parallels between the Creation Story of the Bible and the relationship between Victor and his creation.  Victor creates a new being, giving life to something that was once nothing literally.  As the creature explores his new world like Adam, he begins to feel the weight of being alone in a world that is completely different from himself.  In this case the creature employees Victor to make him a mate to share in this confusing world together whereas God sees that Adam is alone and decides to make him a mate of his own accord.  This is the difference between Victor and God.  Victor sees his creation as an abomination, something that has crawled out of his worst nightmares. He does not have the same love and affection that God has for Adam. Although both stories end in tragedy, Adam is no longer alone because of the benevolence of his creator, something that Frankenstein’s creature did not experience. In a way, Frankenstein’s experience is a perverted and sad version of the Creation story.  Both Eve and the creature destroy the worlds that their creator has brought them into.  It is interesting to note that in the Bible, the female is the one that causes the couple to go into exile.  Women are usually blamed for acting irrationally with their emotions and being hysterical throughout history, but the creature ( usually given masculine pronouns) is the one that acts irrationally and causes his own exile.

2 thoughts on “The Garden of Eden

  1. Along the same lines, it’s an even stronger parallel when you consider the idea that the original sin of Adam and Eve came from a desire to be like God, to know good and evil, and several times in the novel we witness the creature long to be incorporated into his creator’s sphere. I would argue that the creature does gain this knowledge of good and evil from partaking of the forbidden fruit i.e. trying to interact with the ideal family. Furthermore, it is in these interactions that the creature discovers his “hideousness,” just how eating the fruit revealed Adam and Eve’s naked ness. To drive the point home, the creature’s interaction with the family incited a rage that lead him to learn of death in killing William. Similarly, Adam and Eve experience death from learning of the death of their first son Abel. In that sense, there is a distinct parallel between the Creation myth and the creation myth in Frankenstein.

    It’s really interesting that you consider the creature more like Eve than Adam in that both the creature and Eve ruined their creator’s respective worlds. I would argue that the creature is more like Adam in that when we revisit the “fall of humanity” story, we find that Eve is tempted by the serpent to eat the fruit, and she does, but Eve then goes to Adam and offers him the fruit as well and he also takes some. While many individuals take this part of the story and spin this narrative of women as temptresses, I think it’s also important to remember that Adam could have refused to eat the fruit. I think that his decision to eat the fruit is indicative of his preference to be in the company of Eve rather than to maintain a relationship with his creator. Similarly, the creature would rather be with a female companion than to have a relationship with Frankenstein. From this, I’m inclined to say that the creature is more like Adam than Eve. Of course, there are moments when the creature is more like Eve, or functions as the two, or neither, which allows for many different interpretations.

    As an aside, we know why the creature would rather have a female companion than be with Frankenstein, but why is it that Adam chose Eve over God? Perhaps considering himself as othered played a role?

  2. I think the connection you made between Frankenstein and the Creation Story is a very good one. Victor has been connected to God before, but not in the way you made. God was happy about creating Adam, whereas Victor was horrified by his creation. In that aspect I don’t think Victor is God. The only thing that relates God and Victor is they both create something, after that their paths diverge. I would have never related the stories and I think that it’s a very good comparison.

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