DIG 340


I had very mixed feelings about the top that would become transparent when the wearer was more active on social media. On the one hand, it is a very innovative concept. It evokes a lot of conversation around a person’s visibility on the internet. Our generation, in particular, is incredibly vocal on the internet, and I believe the garment’s commentary on that issue is admirable. However, I have a problem with the fact that the garment is meant for a woman. We touched on this a bit in class but I wanted to discuss some of my issues further on my blog.

I have always been uncomfortable with the fact that women show their breasts and even her vagina in film, but a man showing his penis is almost unheard of. However in the “real world”, women’s bodies are always covered, so we end up with this interesting dichotomy: a woman’s body on screen is completely different and apparently more acceptable from a woman’s body in real life. A woman is demonized if she shows any amount of skin on social media, but the same standard is not upheld for men. So I have a problem with the fact that a woman was the model for this garment, only because of the double standard enforced by the media.

I also have a problem with the model being a woman because women are often seen as having a larger than average presence on social media. In a way, it is enforcing this stereotype of women being overly active on social media sites. This correlation with a woman engaging more and more on social media while she becomes more and more naked, for me, is important and should be acknowledged. This may not have been the intention of the creators, but I see this as problematic.

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