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We Are Different

Earlier this week, I played the game Dys4ia, and it really reminded me of Gone Home. Both deal with exploring sexuality and the struggles that are associated with this exploration. For Sam, that includes discovering how she feels about Lonnie and her choice to be with her despite what her family feels. While in Dys4ia, we follow a transgender woman dealing with everything from relationship issues to getting the correct prescriptions from her doctor. Games like these shed light on the difficulties that many young men and women face when dealing with their sexuality. By moving this subject into mainstream media, we feel more compelled to discuss and become aware of something that is a very real situation for many. These games can be used to identify or to start a conversation. Anything would be helpful. Hopefully games like these will be even more popular and move out of the Indie game genre.

1 thought on “We Are Different

  1. I agree that these games should be more mainstream, but I think it’ll take some time. Talking about sexuality is still a difficult subject for a lot of people. I think making video games that discuss the issue of sexuality are a way of bringing the discussion into the public sphere.

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